Common Types of Disinfectant Wipes

For many people a disinfectant wipe is just another wet wipe that they use to clean up in a hurry. Not many people give it a second thought. They need to clean up a mess and disinfectant wipes are there for the job.

Minor spills or messes are easier to clean up with wipes instead for waiting around for the cleaning crew to arrive. By the time a cleaning staff arrives, minor spills have usually spread out to become a major one with a much bigger radius and potential for spreading infection.

However, not all disinfectant wipes are created equal. To a layperson, all wipes look the same but to professionals, the material and the disinfectant used matter a lot. For instance in a hospital, the type of disinfectant used matters a lot because of the strict requirements of various areas in the hospital.

One important thing to note in this regard is the parameters that are in place for the selection of the right type of disinfectant. For many hospitals, the recommended disinfectant is the one with most rapid action over the widest spectrum of microbes. These two are essential parameters because they are directly related to the action of the disinfectant. If the disinfectant were slow to kill germs, it would require a longer application time and a more thorough wipe down. Although, this is not an issue in many areas of the hospital, enforcement of the rules is very difficult. Hospital cleaning staff is usually on a strict schedule and longer application time will disrupt the cleaning schedule on a permanent basis. This issue is very common in all scenarios that might occur in other industries and at home.

This is why fast acting disinfectants are preferred in all applications particularly as wipes. This is because of the fact that people often wipe a surface no more than twice or thrice. During this short application time, only a disinfectant that is rapid and works on a broad spectrum would be able to provide the desired results.

Types of Disinfectant Wipes

There are two popular types of disinfectants used in disinfectant wipes. While the common consumers are not bothered by which type of disinfectant is being used as long as it gets the job done, the professionals do take time to read the label. Application of disinfectant wipes is very different from that in domestic or household use.

Alcohol based Wipes

These wipes carry a low concentration of alcohols that are the active ingredient. In addition, there could be perfumes that act as an indicator of application of the disinfectant. Alcohol based disinfectant wipes have been around for many years and are considered a popular choice by many users.

Phenol based Wipes
Phenol based wipes

Phenol based wipes are popular among healthcare professionals because of their wide spectrum action. These wipes can be used against a long list of bacteria and viruses. These wipes use the same industrial level disinfectant as used by hospital cleaning staff.

When it comes to a quick mop up or disinfection, disinfectant wipes are often the best and the only option for hospital staff.

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